ASIC Digital Design Engineer-multiple positions in Belgrade and Ćurpija

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ASIC Digital Design Engineer-multiple positions in Belgrade and Ćurpija

HDL Design House is one of the best companies for ASIC/System-on-Chip Design/Verification and Physical Implementation.

HDL Design House

[mks_pullquote align=”left” width=”800” size=”24” bg_color=”#1e73be” txt_color=”#000000”]HDL Design House raspisuje oglas za poziciju ASIC Digital Design Engineer. Za obavljanje ovog posla neophodno je dobro poznavanje jezika na kojem je oglas napisan. Ukoliko tekst oglasa ne razumete u potpunosti, savetujemo vam da razmislite da li je ovo pravi posao za vas.[/mks_pullquote]

We offer a challenging work environment, competitive salaries, additional benefits as well as opportunities for skills acquisition and development. Currently we are looking for motivated and creative individuals to join our team.


ASIC Digital Design Engineer multiple positions in Belgrade and Ćuprija

Ref. code: JDE-E012

Location: Belgrade and Ćuprija, Serbia, Europe
Education: M.Sc. or equivalent degree from Faculty of Electrical Engineering

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The ideal candidate will have the following skills and background:

M.Sc.EE or equivalent degree in Electronics, Computer Science, Automatic or Telecommunications
Highly motivated and dynamic engineer able to adopt new technology quickly
Additional skills that would be a plus are:

Familiar with scripting tools and languages (e.g. bash, csh, awk, Perl)
Familiar with software/hardware development tools (e.g. make and versioning tools (e.g. CVS/SVN)
Knowledge of C/C++ language
Your key responsibilities would be:

You will be part of the team working on the high-speed multi million gates IP and SoC design using VHDL and/or Verilog
You will be responsible for RTL development, , timing closure, synthesis, physical implementation and physical verification
The position requires a close working with the different hardware and software engineering teams
The candidate must have the knowledge and the interpersonal skills to be able to fit into very focused group of people working on very complex product development.

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All open positions are for permanent employment. For all positions HDL Design House offers competitive salary (plus additional benefits)!

We also offer:

Comprehensive trainings for Juniors from experts for design/analog/verification of ASIC/FPGA System-on-Chip
Unique chance to join a rapidly expanding company offering fantastic career and skills development opportunities, as well as an exceptional salary
Opportunity to be part of many sports activities with colleagues
Opportunity to travel abroad
Engineers with no prior experience are also desirable, making this ideal opportunity for a recent graduate engineer to fast-track their career development into a more senior role
Successful training completion and testing will be condition for candidates to join larger team working in all stages of complex SoC design and verification.
For all candidates proficient knowledge of UNIX/Linux and fluent English is a prerequisite!

Please send your CV latest by 25.03.2017.

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